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Sandblasting Curtains: Containment Tarps for Construction Sites

Sandblasting Curtains are often used in connection with cleaning or etching surfaces at construction sites, or in industrial or manufacturing operations. The main aim of the sandblasting process is to clean the surface with the help of high velocity sand being propelled into the surface, all while using Sandblasting Curtains and Containment Tarps to minimize negative impacts .

As the name goes, in the earlier days, sand was used to clean the surface, but it was later found that the use of sand would often release fine suspended matter which would over time affect the person’s breathing and might also be a leading cause of cancer. That is why different materials were being used to perform the sandblasting like copper slag and walnut shells.

Nevertheless, sandblasting always creates a fine layer of dust which can over time be harmful for a person’s health. That is why most construction sites employ the use of Containment Tarps, or cover surrounding areas with lifting tarps. These are huge, tarps which are easily available in any of the hardware stores which can be used to over the construction area where the sand or the particulate matter is released.

A Blue Tarp is commonly used to cover the building and is also and is used because it is a very strong material and can last for a long time. Just like the tarps, Containment Curtains are also used for the same purpose.

Last, but not the least the most popular material being used is the Sandblasting Curtain which is especially made for the sandblasting procedure. These curtains will effectively cover the area around the blast area and shield it from any suspended particulate matter.

Protecting Landfill Areas with Landfill Covers

Landfill CoversFor ultimate protection of your landfill and the surrounding environment, landfill nationwide utilize landfill covers specifically designed for this application. At Tarps Now, we offer landfill covers that will decrease the trash and debris that escapes from your system. These covers will also decrease the possibility of wildlife in the area being attracted to the waste in your landfill, eating it, and procuring a disease that could spread to other animals.

In addition to weather protection and animal safety, our covers will protect your landfill from spreading noxious odors or even catching on fire. Our landfill covers are simple to use with either manual labor or equipment that you likely already possess at your landfill. Contact us today to discuss custom covers that meet your needs in terms of size and location.

Government Recommendations for Landfill Protection

Landfill CoversNot only are Landfill Covers necessary for your own peace of mind, but also because they are recommended by government associations. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends covering your landfill for environmental safety as well as weather protection. Covering your landfill prevents harmful chemicals and hazardous waste from escaping from your landfill and causing damage to nearby water systems, land, animals, and even people. Covers for your landfill are an absolute necessity for environmental safety and preservation.

Common Uses for Insulated Tarps and Covers

Insulated tarpsThere are many uses for the use of Insulated Tarps, Insulated Covers and Insulated Industrial Curtains, ranging from temperature control to curing concrete with a concrete curing blanket.  Tarps Now offers many different styles of insulated covers in various sizes and materials. Most popular is the concrete curing blanket, a superior method of curing concrete. These closed cell foam blankets are available in many different sizes, and a wet concrete curing blanket is another useful option.

Other insulated covers are ideal for situations in which temperature control is necessary. This includes covering kilns and pallets, as well as acting as divider curtains. Our insulated covers are also available in custom sizes for your convenience.

 Industrial Uses for Insulated Tarps

Insulated tarpsInsulated Tarps have many uses in warehouses, because they can be used to facilitate temperature control. Many warehouses are not climate-controlled, leaving the products and equipment inside to be affected by temperature swings. Some warehouses are kept at a specific temperature, but what if you have equipment or products that require special temperature considerations? It is unlikely that every different material in one large warehouse is best stored at the same temperature. Insulated tarps allow warehouses to keep certain products, materials, or stored equipment at a different temperature, offering superior protection and storage for your valuables. Our durable insulated covers can provide a long-term solution for your warehouse.

Choosing Canvas Utility Tool Bags

Utility Canvas BagsHow do you choose to carry your tools? At Tarps Now, we offer Heavy Duty Canvas Utility Tool Bags, as well as lightweight Canvas Tool Bags for convenient tool storage and carrying. These tool bags are frequently used by professionals in multiple industries for safe and secure tool carrying.

Heavy Duty Canvas Tool Bags

Our heavy duty canvas tool bags are very beneficial for those in the construction industry. They are manufactured in the United States with heavy, 26 oz. canvas. This canvas is natural and it is rated for heavy duty usage. If you need a quality bag for tools and equipment that is fairly lightweight, this bag is the ideal option. Not only is it widely used in construction, but it is also utilized by roofers and other contractors.

Lightweight Utility Canvas Bags

Utility Canvas BagsOur Lightweight Utility Canvas Bags are useful for smaller tools in any industry. They are also produced in the United States, and these bags are crafted with 10 oz. of canvas, all of which is completely natural. This bag has a drawstring closure rather than handles. In addition to both of these standard bag styles, we also offer custom bags made of canvas, vinyl, or even polyethylene. Contact us today with your specific custom bag request.

Using Clear Tarps for Outdoor Applications

Heavy Duty Clear Tarps

When undertaking a project or protecting your equipment, it is important to consider many factors, so that you can choose the right tarp for the job at hand. Clear Tarps have a wide variety of uses. A clear vinyl tarp can be used commercially, noting that care should be taken in placement, as clear surfaces can magnify the effects imposed by sunlight. They are great for residential use because they protect you from the weather while still allowing light to shine through. In addition, these tarps enable easy viewing outside of the enclosure. In outdoor structures, these tarps are most commonly used for porches, gazebos, and canopies. For an emergency, they can also repair a broken car window before it can be permanently fixed. Tarps Now stocks multiple tarps made of clear vinyl as well as clear polyethylene, providing both standard and custom sizes. We also offer Clear Vinyl Tarps that are flame resistant for additional safety.

 Benefits of using Clear Tarps

Clear Tarps A clear vinyl tarp is highly durable against all types of weather. Furthermore, they resist damaging materials such as grease, oil, mildew, and acid. While they are excellent for residential outdoor structures, Clear Tarps also have many commercial uses. They can be adopted for construction to protect against the elements while allowing the crew to see through the guard. A clear vinyl tarp could also be used at an outdoor shop as an enclosure for a tented ceiling. Again, the tarp will protect employees and customers while enabling light transmission and easy viewing.

How to Use Tear-Off Roof Tarps

Roof TarpsRoof tear-off roof tarps are primarily utilized in roofing. Tarps Now Tear-Off Roof Tarps catch the debris that falls when a roof is being re-roofed. Roof tear-off tarps are vinyl coated tarps that are very heavy duty and have O-rings made of steel that are used for lifting. At, we have a range of vinyl coated tarps for roofing in many sizes. We can also create custom sized roof tarps to suit your needs. Our roof tear-off tarps are all manufactured with the strongest webbing and most durable steel O-rings for easy, safe lifting.

 The Roofing Process

Roof TarpsThe roofing process is very difficult; however, it is made easier with roof tear-off tarps. The roof tarps are first laid at ground level in the same area where your roof will be torn off. After removing the entirety of the ridge cap from the section in which you are working, you will begin tearing off your roof in rows. You should remove sections that are about 6 feet wide at a time. Using your vinyl coated tarps, you can collect the debris that falls and then lift it away for removal. When roofing, you should always take caution from falling debris as well as loose shingles.

Benefits of using Heavy Duty Construction Tarps

There are many positive effects associated with using Heavy Duty Construction Tarps for different types of applications used in the building process.  Construction projects in particular can benefit from the use of quality tarps. These tarps are highly useful for both privacy and safety at construction sites.

To protect the construction site from intrusion, crews frequently utilize a construction privacy screen. For safety reasons, tarps are used to prevent debris or harmful contaminants from escaping the construction site. This keeps both the environment and the public safe. In addition, Construction Tarps aid in crew safety because they protect from wind, rain, the sun, and severe weather.

 Styles of Construction Tarps

Privacy Fence ScreenThere are many different types of tarps offered by that can be used in a construction environment. Building enclosure tarps are made of high quality vinyl and can protect the construction site against severe weather. These tarps are heavy duty and resist fire, increasing safety. Another style is vinyl coated mesh, which is very durable and resistant to abrasion as well as mildew, oil, grease, and acid.

Super heavy duty poly tarps are also beneficial because they are very strong and resistant to flames, UV, and abrasion. Finally, a construction privacy screen is also a valuable addition to your construction site. The construction privacy screen will keep the public away from dangerous construction sites as well as providing air flow.

Tips: Industrial Roll-Up Curtains and Divider Curtain Walls

Divider Curtain Walls are being used for many purposes. In small areas, they can be used in rooms for partition or sense of styling. In large areas, they can be used to partition big halls and certain portions.
Placement of Divider Curtain Walls and Industrial Roll-Up Curtains not only provide better comfort to the people around, but also adds a pinch of neatness in the workplace. Roll-up curtains are being used in industries for many purposes. They are being used in industries for maintaining temperature, control the noise and partitioning large workplace into small so that it can be used for various purposes.

Tips on Industrial Roll-Up Curtains and Divider Curtain Walls

Below listed are 10 tips for you to choose the best divider curtains and industrial roll-up curtains:

    • Purpose: It is very important for you to know the purpose of the divider curtain. Whether you are doing it for adding a style statement or you are doing it for purpose, or you want it both.
    • Curtain fabric: Choosing the curtain fabric is very important. There are many fabrics available in the market. You can choose the type of fabric which suits your budget and requirement. The fabric you choose may depend on your purpose. For example, there are certain fabrics which are used to block noise.
    • Budget: It is important that you decide your budget wisely. The budget has to be set after considering the factors like purpose, fabric and style.
    • Colour: You can find every colour of custom industrial curtain walls in the market. The colour you choose depends on the overall theme and the decor of the place.
    • Specification: it is important that you choose the right length and width of divider curtains.


    • Style: Divider curtains can be found in many textures and styles. The style and texture you choose for your place depends up on the purpose and the overall decor of the place.
    • Density of the fabric: It is important that you consider the density of the fabric. You might need curtains to completely snap off the light coming from the other side or you might want curtains which allow some light to pass through it.
    • You can add wooden frame to add a pinch of style and space.
    • You can look out for curtains which are made up of hand painted cloth. They are very artistic and look unique.
    • Look for a fabric which can be easily washed. This will make sure that the curtains remain tidy every time since they can be cleaned easily.

10 Benefits from Ordering Wholesale Tarps Online

There are many benefits of durable tarps online at wholesale prices, no matter in what business you are. Durable tarps have many applications and are used in various fields. Below listed are 10 benefits from ordering wholesale tarps online.

  1. Farming industry: Tarps can be used to protect your farming equipment from getting rust. The strong tarps keep the equipment protected and help them to retain their strength.
  2. Hay covers: there is a wide range of wholesale tarps which offers economical tarps which can be used to cover the hay, grain and other agricultural yields. You can even find covers for fertilizers and bunker.
  3. Construction: Tarps can be used in construction industry to protect the undergoing construction and tools from wind and rain. Tarps can be used to cover roof tops and floors.
  4. Renovation: There are specially designed underside tie down roofing tarps which is best for time of renovation.
  5. Protection to boats and caravans: Tarps are being used to protect boats and caravans when the weather goes against them.
  6. Outdoor events: Tarps can be used to protect your outdoor event from any unfavorable climate.
  7. Camping: You can look for Custom Vinyl Tarps if you are a serious camper. There are durable tarps which are specially designed for camping purposes.
  8. Economical: Tarps are considered to be very economical when bought at wholesale prices. They are the best and the most economical solution when compared to its other alternatives.
  9. Light yet durable: tarps are very light weight and are durable. Tarps are lighter than other alternatives such as PVC.
  10. Versatile: Due to its high durability and cost effectiveness, tarps can be used wherever you want.

You can look out for wholesale tarps online. Internet will provide you with a list of USA based Wholesale Tarps Manufacturers like Tarps Now. The tarp wholesales can provide you with tarps and covers at a price much lower than Big Box stores market prices.

Tarps can be very useful and its cost effectiveness makes it the ideal choice of people from various industries. So no matter what your business is, or whether you love camping, tarps are useful in every field and in multiple ways.