Construction Tarps 101: Why Invest in Construction Tarps and Covers

Construction Tarp

Covering your construction projects

Managing a construction site can be a big challenge. In addition to executing the project itself, attention must be given to safety, asset protection, and a number of other concerns. An effective way to address several of these needs is to invest in a quality tarp cover for your job site. Commonly known as scaffolding tarps, weather protection tarps, or construction tarps, these durable covers are made to protect your materials from the threats of wind, rain, and other weather conditions.

Construction Tarps and Covers – The Basics

Tarp covers are designed to provide protection during the construction process, building enclosure tarps lock out the elements which threaten to derail progress and compromise materials. They’re made from high-performance polyethylene or vinyl materials for durability, and what’s more, you can find a tarp cover with features to meet just about any specialized needs:

  • Fire retardant properties
  • Protection against ultraviolet rays
  • Resistance to mildew
  • String-based reinforcement

A wide variety of different styles are available with varying thicknesses, colors, meshes, and denier counts. Each tarp cover offered by Tarps Now features internal stitching, reinforced corners, plus grommets positioned at all edges and seams to ensure a safe, solid hold to your structure in any conditions. They function well in hot or cold weather, feature strengthened eyelet bands, and are fully reusable.

Other Common Needs

The value of construction tarps is not limited solely to protecting the buildings themselves. By cutting down the exposure to wind and elements at high elevation, worker safety is enhanced greatly. Similarly, a good tarp cover will prevent construction debris from escaping the job site and compromising public safety. Privacy can also be attained without sacrificing entry of natural light, making for an optimal work environment.

Tarps Now also specializes in a range of additional covers and products to keep your job site safe and your investments protected:

  • Knitted polyethylene safety netting to promote worker safety
  • Fence screens providing 86-92 percent shade for privacy at the perimeter
  • High-density debris netting for job site safety with optimum airflow
  • Equipment covers designed to protect large machines from elemental exposure

Tarps and protective covers are among the best ways to protect your investments, from heavy machinery to building materials. A tarp cover can also spare you lost productivity and greatly reduce the potential for injuries to workers or those passing by the construction site.

Contact Tarps Now today for more information about securing your location. You can review our product selection online anytime. For custom orders or general assistance, send us a message through our web form or give us a call at 888.800.1383 and let us help you devise an effective plan for your job site.