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Solve Industrial Problems with Tarps Now Industrial Curtains

Industrial Curtains for Warehouse

Interior of big empty storehouse

Partitioning a large plant or warehouse is an important part of creating an efficient, manageable workspace. Creating physical barriers offers a wide range of benefits, from sound dampening to improved safety. You have numerous options at your disposal when it comes to dividing your facility, and while permanent walls do indeed provide a solid solution, they’re considerably less flexible when compared with industrial curtains.

A Dynamic Solution for Your Workplace

Where the construction of permanent walls can often be a costly and time-consuming process, industrial curtains are generally much easier and more affordable to install. They offer an ideal level of privacy and physical separation with the added advantage of dynamic flexibility. Curtains are mounted on steel roller tracks, allowing for partitions to be removed and replaced quickly and easily.

Additionally, these curtain tracks are available in a variety of configurations to suit any facility’s needs. Choose from straight single-partition tracks, two-, three-, and four-sided setups, or even establish multiple workstations within one large open area. The curtains themselves can be taken down and re-hung as required, making this solution one of the most versatile available.

Heavy-Duty and Durable

In spite of their more flexible nature, industrial curtains remain durable and tough enough to withstand many of the most common environmental hazards and byproducts of factory-style work. Consider the following potential uses:

  • Aircraft hangers and facilities
  • Automotive manufacturing, repair, or painting
  • Climate-controlled storage facilities
  • Factories and manufacturing plants
  • Hazardous material control
  • Sandblasting and spray painting work
  • Warehouses and stock facilities
  • Woodworking and other craftsman activities

Industrial curtains make it possible to contain airborne contaminants which occur regularly in these types of environments, creating defined areas which improve working conditions throughout a facility.

Other Notable Benefits

While many applications are traditionally found in industrial environments, these types of curtains are a viable solution for a wide range of needs. Schools, restaurants, and retail establishments are all examples of non-industrial entities which can derive several key benefits of industrial curtains:

  • Confining dust, mist, smoke or sparks
  • Limiting temperature loss or gain
  • Containing humidity
  • Reducing transfer of light, noise, and odors

When factoring in the relative ease of use and installation, it’s plain to see that industrial curtains are a powerful solution for managing any large space. You can read all about dividers and curtains that’ll help you get control of your facility by following this link. To find out more, contact TarpsNow today at 888.800.1383 and let us help design a solution that’s right for your location.

Tips: Industrial Roll-Up Curtains and Divider Curtain Walls

Divider Curtain Walls are being used for many purposes. In small areas, they can be used in rooms for partition or sense of styling. In large areas, they can be used to partition big halls and certain portions.
Placement of Divider Curtain Walls and Industrial Roll-Up Curtains not only provide better comfort to the people around, but also adds a pinch of neatness in the workplace. Roll-up curtains are being used in industries for many purposes. They are being used in industries for maintaining temperature, control the noise and partitioning large workplace into small so that it can be used for various purposes.

Tips on Industrial Roll-Up Curtains and Divider Curtain Walls

Below listed are 10 tips for you to choose the best divider curtains and industrial roll-up curtains:

    • Purpose: It is very important for you to know the purpose of the divider curtain. Whether you are doing it for adding a style statement or you are doing it for purpose, or you want it both.
    • Curtain fabric: Choosing the curtain fabric is very important. There are many fabrics available in the market. You can choose the type of fabric which suits your budget and requirement. The fabric you choose may depend on your purpose. For example, there are certain fabrics which are used to block noise.
    • Budget: It is important that you decide your budget wisely. The budget has to be set after considering the factors like purpose, fabric and style.
    • Colour: You can find every colour of custom industrial curtain walls in the market. The colour you choose depends on the overall theme and the decor of the place.
    • Specification: it is important that you choose the right length and width of divider curtains.


    • Style: Divider curtains can be found in many textures and styles. The style and texture you choose for your place depends up on the purpose and the overall decor of the place.
    • Density of the fabric: It is important that you consider the density of the fabric. You might need curtains to completely snap off the light coming from the other side or you might want curtains which allow some light to pass through it.
    • You can add wooden frame to add a pinch of style and space.
    • You can look out for curtains which are made up of hand painted cloth. They are very artistic and look unique.
    • Look for a fabric which can be easily washed. This will make sure that the curtains remain tidy every time since they can be cleaned easily.