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Protecting Landfill Areas with Landfill Covers

Landfill CoversFor ultimate protection of your landfill and the surrounding environment, landfill nationwide utilize landfill covers specifically designed for this application. At Tarps Now, we offer landfill covers that will decrease the trash and debris that escapes from your system. These covers will also decrease the possibility of wildlife in the area being attracted to the waste in your landfill, eating it, and procuring a disease that could spread to other animals.

In addition to weather protection and animal safety, our covers will protect your landfill from spreading noxious odors or even catching on fire. Our landfill covers are simple to use with either manual labor or equipment that you likely already possess at your landfill. Contact us today to discuss custom covers that meet your needs in terms of size and location.

Government Recommendations for Landfill Protection

Landfill CoversNot only are Landfill Covers necessary for your own peace of mind, but also because they are recommended by government associations. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends covering your landfill for environmental safety as well as weather protection. Covering your landfill prevents harmful chemicals and hazardous waste from escaping from your landfill and causing damage to nearby water systems, land, animals, and even people. Covers for your landfill are an absolute necessity for environmental safety and preservation.