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How to Choose the Right Waterproof Tarps

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When it comes to camping, moving furniture, or protecting that wood pile out back, few pieces of equipment beat the versatility of a high-quality waterproof tarp, also referred to as a tarpaulin. No matter the size of the job, choosing quality waterproof tarps is important if you want to avoid spending money every time you are in need of one. Keep these factors in mind when searching for your next tarp.

Canvas Is a Good Material for Waterproof Tarps

Canvas has been used for serious outdoor applications for years. It’s easy to find quality tents made out of canvas. It’s also a great material for covering furniture in transit, as it molds well to the shape and is sturdy enough to protect items from damage. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty tarp that is also waterproof, then canvas is likely the materials you want.

Research Waterproof Tarps and their Coatings

Most waterproof tarps have some sort of coating on them that helps them to remain waterproof. It is common to find a vinyl coating, but it’s also important to keep in mind that not every coating is created equal. You also want to make sure you understand how to care for your tarp, as some coatings can come off if exposed to flame or other chemicals. Make sure to choose a tarp with a coating that you can easily care for and will meet your needs.

Inspect Tarp Grommets

Just as important as waterproofness is the ability to tie the tarp up, down, and around. This means that the holes, or grommets, need to be strong. Reinforced grommets will be particularly useful. If you plan on being rigorous in your use of the tarp, make certain the grommets will hold up against the force you plan on using.

Keep the Size of your Waterproof Tarps in Mind

What good does investing in a tarp that is waterproof do you if it’s not even big enough to cover your wood pile? Before selecting your tarp, it’s important to consider the size that will work best for your needs. For camping, you might want to invest in larger sizes if you plan on using the tarp to cover a tent. Get the right size for your needs, or invest in multiple tarps.

Don’t Underestimate the Usefulness of Color in your Waterproof Tarps

Who wouldn’t want to be one of those people who has tarps matching their hiking packs and sleeping gear? In all seriousness, the color of your tarp can come in handy. For example, if you end up needing to signal for help, a brightly colored tarp may be more easily spotted than one that blends in with your surroundings. On the other hand, a tarp that camouflages well can be useful for hunting situations. Select the right color for your needs.

Your Tarp, Your Choice

It’s ultimately up to you which Waterproof Tarps you end up selecting. Contact us today to get recommendations from the trusted experts at Tarps now!